Immersion in nature and nocturnal walks

Erick’s bottle featuring the river, nature scape, and a day of the dead skull

My bottle features a mountain landscape and a river which flows from a sand hourglass. The side of the bottle also features a green leaf, a brown leaf, and a calavera resting atop a bed of cempazuchil flowers. The calavera and cempazuchil are a reference to Dia de Muertos. The top of the bottle features planets and stars in outer space. The hourglass and flowing river represent time and change, which for some people (like me) can sometimes be a source of anxiety. The leaves, as well as the calavera, are more symbols of change and time. The bottle primarily consists of a green, natural landscape and a whimsical representation of the night sky. These natural landscapes are included because, to me,  immersion in nature and nocturnal walks can be used to dissipate stress and anxiety.