Each UIC Heritage Garden intern compiled a report on the themes they identified during data collection at the Field Museum. These reports, in the form of a PDF file, can be downloaded and read below. We hope you enjoy learning about our experience at the Field Museum as well as the role that happiness and well-being took on the visitors of the Field Museum.

What did some of the interns think about the experience?

Conducting research on well-being at the Field Museum has opened my eyes to the sheer amount of perspectives that are out there. I have learned much about people, as well as about research methods at the museum”
— Ainna Flaminia
The experience of performing research at the Field Museum and working with Paula Tallman and Alaka Wali was unforgettable, especially the though provoking insight they shared.
— Catalina Restrepo
Conducting research at the Field Museum brought upon a new lens. From checking your bias “at the door”, to making sure you’re being polite and respectful to the subjects, conducting research requires one to be mentally alert and neutral throughout the process.
— Jonathan Villaseñor