This internship has made me more social and interactive in my classes. I do not shy away from discussions as much as I used to. I ask more questions. I challenge the material presented more with my newly developed perspective (especially in sustainability related subjects). I have grown a greater appreciation for the UIC community after working here on campus.
— Karl Novak, Senior, Civil Engineering & Mathematics
As an undocumented student, I have also enjoyed having my existence acknowledged as more than my status, but through the labor and beauty that I bring to campus…in being a part of this internship, I also feel like I have some say or some investment in the environment that exists on campus.
— Yaxal Sobrevilla, Senior, Communications and International Studies
The internship has changed a lot of the ways in which I think about sustainability. I never thought about connecting sustainability with cultural traditions. But, once I started story collecting and doing my own research, I realized that people have been practicing different methods of reusing, recycling, and reducing that take into consideration their environments and beliefs.
— Yaritza Guillen, Junior, Urban and Public Affairs