Bottle 1 - Decolonize

Jocelyn’s bottle with verdolaga and huazontles

An eye catching pink pastel surrounds the background of this reused glass bottle. It is the color of the sky during a dreamy afternoon while the sunsets over two plantitas represented next to each other, verdolagas and huazontles.

I grew up with my paternal grandmother's exquisite cooking del campo. These weeds/herbs were served as full meals to nourish our bodies on a regular basis. I channelled feminine energy into this project as my abuelita did when harvesting, preparing, and mixed ingredients. Her handmade everything reminds me of how much I miss, mi tierra, her. Everything changed when we migrated to the U.S. including the way we perceive time and our diet. Fast food and frozen meals became our new normal for sometime. But after acclimating to our new environment, we are finding our way back to our cultural practices, including ‘decolonizing’ our food.


Bottle 2 - Huitzilin

Jocelyn’s Hummingbird bottle

In the illustration I tried to capture the iridescent multicolor feathers, of a native bird to the Americas, the hummingbird. This creature has always fascinated people and throughout the years, was killed to obtain their feathers. With climate change they also face habitat loss and destruction. As the climate changes, their migratory routes also change. Overall, I used a hummingbird to tie migration to climate and how there shouldn’t be borders and we should take care of our earth.


Bottle 3 - Orangutan

Jocelyn’s screaming orangutan bottle due to destruction of its home for humans to get palm oil.

Nutella’s chocolate products have a severe impact on the planet because of its use of palm oil. In order to obtain the palm oil, there’s deforestation that affects many animals including orangutans. I’m deeply enraged and chose to portray a baby orangutan caught in a fire with the slogan “Nutella kills”.