To find peace

Umair’s bottle with plants and monarch butterflies in a dark sky background.

Through every piece of work that we do, we strive for peace at the end of the day. Peace, just as nature, means different to everybody; it is the matter of perspective. If you ask me about my perspective, I would say, peace is what gives a person the ability to be themselves and be free. My illustration of peace would be “peaceful” to me and could not be to others. As I said before, it is just the matter of perspective.

Peace, that we are desperately trying to acquire is in danger. The lushes mountains, white water streams, and dense forest preserves, are in danger. Due to the pollution that we are causing, the scenic and calm habitats are being threatened. In support of the habitats, I painted a mountainous environment to show the peacefulness it encloses.

Saving the environment and making it better for the upcoming generations is very important. As we all must have heard, “change starts from you.” I believe, to make your surroundings better, you should start from yourself. Rather than teaching a family to grow food, we should teach the whole community to grow food to initiate social change. Furthermore, we should be self aware of our surroundings and think what is best for the community rather than just yourself.

In my opinion, hope and peace go together. You sense peace by being hopeful because you know that by being hopeful and patient, you will ultimately attain peace. I, too, am hopeful; hopeful for peace to reconvene us one day. The rocky and smoky mountains bring peace to us, that is why we all love to go there. Thus, I painted a national park because it reflects peace.

This piece conveys the message of how the blooming gardens and birds’ chirping bring tranquility and restfulness in your life. To retrieve what is lost, we must come together and unite, fight through the negativity, and cherish what we have been blessed with to find peace.