Sunflower Herb

Zuleyma’s bottle and the description on the page does it more justice than i can describe.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to depict for the audience in creating the art assignment but I wanted to incorporate my culture. There were many things I had to consider what cultures represented my image, my past, and future. In my culture, pale skin is adored by everyone and creates a beauty standard that white complexion is the best. In the bottle, I depicted a woman with dark complexion since there’s more than one shade of color that’s beautiful. I wanted the dark skin woman to represent my mexican heritage background. I want others to see the beauty of dark skin. Instead of finding products to lighten our skins we need to appreciate our skin. It’s important for people to understand our shade of dark skin was due to evolution. My ancestors came from a hot land so their skin had to adapt to the sun rays. It’s a beautiful mark to compare people to a sunflowers. The center of the sunflower is dark with vibrant yellow or red pedals. I want people to see beyond a standard beauty so everyone can compare themselves to flowers. Once people feel a connection to a flower there will be a personal connection of keeping flowers alive. There are butterflies and bees that help pollinate the flowers but we as humans don’t consider pollinations  method we can contribute to the ecosystem. My ideal message is to spread new sets of beauty of people’s image with flowers is a way of social pollinating. The beauty of the dark skin woman by comparing her to sunflower is great but she’s upside down. Her facial expressions demonstrate concern or discomfort thoughts. Humans have a habit to behave in selfish mannerisms. There are industries where the demand of supplies led to deterioration of the lands. Over time the lands have a hard time growing anything. Plants and flowers don’t show the struggles they face. If there was a visual image to the discomfort of what plants go through people can have more sympathy to the lands. There are hands wrapping around the dark skin woman. Those hands bring me hope because I know there are people who care about the lands. It’s not only the lands but the memories they associate with the plants to the insects they’ve encountered. From a young age majority of my life was spent at the hospital. There was a lack of culture and natural remedies. I want to incorporate people need more than medical treatment. People need medicine for their souls. There should be a better ways people can be connected with the community. Patients and doctors should improve the relationship.If people learn how to use plants for natural remedies instead of depending on prescribed medication. The hands do no show skin since I wanted to show vulnerable hands of people. There are times when people need to humble themselves to connect with other living organisms other than themselves. I'm happy there are organizations that help people from other countries such as Doctors Without Borders. There are people who want to go out to the world and connect with people. This act of people gathering brings me hope. Doctors go out to countries with poor economy and have a first hand view how people get sick. People become aware the environment is causing harm to people's health. We see that our habits are causing damage to others and the ecosystem. My hopes in life is to save people's life and to educate the cause of health issues. My bottle is full of colors and want to show life is something festive. Life is full of colors that are pleasant to see and mark as warning signs. There shouldn't be s set of standards on what we shouldn't be. Life needs to be different but we must remember to care for our lands such as it provides us with resources.