Usually kids around 13 don't think much about the excessive human interference to the nature. At 13, I knew about recycling, a little about Co2 admission, but I never knew the backbone of why those things existed. It wasn't until my seventh grade in biology class that I heard of global warming for the first time. 

I attended Ruiz elementary school during the time I was in the seventh grade. All of the classes I had were interesting that year, but the most interesting class that year was my biology class. In each of my classes I had an assigned book to read or something geared toward that class to do. However, in biology class that was not the case. The first day I entered the classroom the teacher told all of us that we would be drawing our own textbook. In the textbook we would create notes and pictures to resemble a textbook, and at the end of the year we were graded on the look, text, and style of the textbook we created.

He gave everyone a blank book. First we had to create a cover, and after the cover was created, the rest of the class was him speaking and everyone else writing. It was great because I was able to understand everything in biology class better than my other class or any class I have taken. Everyone compared drawings, knowledge, and even debated. It was then that the teacher introduced global warming to the class. 

The first thing he said when approaching the topic was “does anyone like seals”, and of course everyone said yes. He extended from that and began to talk about the polar ice caps melting, the weather changing, the littering everywhere, the importance of recycling, etc. The more he went into the more I became aware of the things going on around me. I never picked up after people until after I took that biology class, and I still do. The more I drew and wrote, the more I was determined to contribute to help make change. First I focused on myself.

I stopped using so much water when brushing my teeth. I used glass bottles for water instead of plastic bottles. I often try to find recycling bin before throwing my garbage away. I never litter, and even the smallest piece of paper dropped by me would reach my conscious and bother me until I pick it up. Lastly, I still pick up stuff from others. Because of my biology class in seventh grade, I became and still am a person that’s for the earth and not against it.