Water is being underestimated in people's daily lives. People do not realize how important water is, how much they should be drinking each day, and what type of water they should be drinking. Over the past few years, I have led a pretty healthy lifestyle. I ran track and cross country throughout my whole high school career; as with any form of exercise, drinking plenty of water is a must in track and cross country.

Coming from a family that always uses plastic bottled water, it was hard for me to understand that bottled water is actually not regulated and that no one really knows what is in it. I was able to learn information about bottled water versus tap water from a movie called Tapped. This movie explained that tap water is the only water that is guaranteed to have gone under tests for any possible harmful chemicals. This mind blowing information made me realize that drinking bottled water is both not ecofriendly or sustainable and is a possible health risk. This makes a lot of sense because once when I was walking by a grocery store with my mom, I saw bottled water pressed against the store window. These plastic water bottles are exposed to great amounts of sunlight each day. Imagine drinking a water bottle that is exposed to direct sunlight for a couple of days, if not many more. I do not even want to think how unhealthy and risky drinking the water from that bottle would be. I pointed this out to my mom and she agreed with me for the first time.

Thus, I decided to become more sustainable for me and my family when I purchased a Brita pitcher with a filter. With this pitcher, I can filter tap water and be sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Also, purchasing a huge water bottle that has measurements drawn on the bottle from Arbonne, a natural skin care company, made me really start paying attention to drinking water. I even downloaded an app called Plant Nanny, which is an app that reminds you to drink water regularly each day. In this app, you are watering a plant, and in order for the plant to live, you have to drink your right amount of water. This app makes you focus on how much water you should drink, and it also makes sure you drink that amount because you don’t want your plant to die. Thus, drinking water is something that everyone needs to do on regular basis. However, the more important issue is making sure that we are drinking tap water, whether purified or not. Bottled water is a waste of money, and it is unhealthy, risky, and not eco-friendly because for a single water bottle to be produced, we are wasting a whole lot of resources such as plastic.