Program Structure

The program is structured into two tiers: regular interns and intern leaders that are mostly undergraduate students from diverse cultural backgrounds and academic majors.

  • New student interns are recruited in the spring to begin in the summer, with the expectation of having most continue in the fall and spring semesters.

  • The interns continuing from the summer begin to train as leaders in preparation for a full leadership position the following summer.

  • The following summer, students who ere interns are the leaders for the new cohort of students. This is a four semester internship.

The goal of this structure is to build knowledge and skills among interns to advance into leadership positions that can assist with program related tasks and the training of new interns. Interns and leaders are paid hourly. This two tiers model helped Cabrera run the program for seven years.  

The summer program runs with an average of for ten to twelve students, while in the fall and spring the number is six to eight interns.